Hedman M&A Advisors works on behalf of buyers to find companies for their own acquisition or investment. We offer a full range of acquisition services including company search, valuation assessment, acquisition process assistance, and due diligence planning and implementation. We also offer strategic and operations consulting and management services for buyers post-acquisition.

Once a potential acquisition candidate is identified, we are available to work alongside the buyer during the assessment process and  with post-acquisition strategic planning. We have developed a comprehensive due diligence process to uncover the risks and objectively assess the prospects of each opportunity.

Our involvement will help minimize the amount of capital you require and ensure you are getting what you paid for, and perhaps most importantly, we will significantly increase your odds of closing the transaction.

Some of the value-added services we can provide are:

· Identify prospective target companies

· Devise strategies to maximize and leverage the purchaser’s position

· Negotiate advantageous salient terms and conditions

· Minimize upfront cash component of the purchase price

· Perform due diligence on target companies to verify value and mitigate cost

· Negotiate more favorable closing terms

· Identify integration issues

· Maximize efficiencies in the new company