You invest your life in your company – long hours, time away from your family – but only get one opportunity at maximizing its value to you – when you sell.

You can’t measure this return in dollars alone. Maximizing the value means getting the best price and the best terms.

The sale of a company is a very complex process.  Inherent in this process is a high risk that, until the deal is closed, the sales price can erode or the purchaser may decide to walk away.  Because this is normally a once in a lifetime event, most sellers do not understand where the risks lie and how to avoid the circumstances where the proposed and agreed-to price can become eroded; sometimes to the point where the transaction is nullified.

That’s where Hedman M&A Advisors comes in. If your business has revenues of $5 – $50 million, we can help you get the best possible price and terms for your business when you sell.

Scope of Services for Business Sellers:

· Creation of Selling Strategy

· Preparation for Sale

· Valuations

· Buyer Identification

· Sale Implementation

· Closing the Sale

· Capital Resource

You may not be currently ready to sell, but if you want to get the best deal for your business, you need to start planning today. We encourage you to discuss your business with us. We can help make sure you:

· have the operational, reporting and financial systems in place that buyers will look for when you are ready to sell.

· have positioned your business in the market so that it’s most valuable.

· have structured your business and finances so you can manage your taxes and walk away with the most after tax dollars at closing.